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P-Shot® + Vacuum Pump Recommended

The P-SHOT® is proven to show results alone but it is most often recommended to follow treatment by use of a penile pump for 30 minutes per day for 6 weeks. This protocol has been shown to be most beneficial and effective. It is important that the pump have a pressure gauge and a pressure of 7-10 be used for treatment to be beneficial and not harmful. If prescribed, we can provide an appropriate penis pump with the first treatment.  Scroll below to order.

Vacuum Therapy With Penis Pump For Erectile Dysfunction DOES IT WORK?

SomaTherapy-ED helps you Treat Erectile Dysfunction with a Simple and Effective Solution

SomaTherapy-ED is a Class II vacuum erection medical device that can be purchased without a prescription. Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive method of effectively improving penile health and reducing health risks compared to other erectile dysfunction treatments.

Vacuum therapy systems or penis pumps are the best treatment option for men who:

Why buy Augusta Medical System – SomaTherapy Products?

Urologists and sexual health physicians in the United States and around the world refer, prescribe, or recommend medical grade penis pumps manufactured by Augusta Medical Systems. Technical advancements and superior design are hallmarks of every Soma Therapy-ED vacuum erection device.

Consumers trust Augusta Medical Systems products for many reasons, including the fact that the company is the only one of its kind to offer an optional lifetime warranty on their penis pumps.

Why buy Dr. Kaplan – Penis Pump?

Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Male Enlargement Pump is the most effective way to enhance your erection.

  • Achieve & Maintain Erection for Sex
  • Increase Erection Size & Quality
  • Prevent Penile Shrinkage Due to Age
  • Reverse Penile Atrophy
  • PumpSmart™ Erection Fitness App Included

Included with purchase:

  •        Pump with Safety Gauge, Erection Cylinder (2.00” Opening Diameter)
  •        Silicone Erection Rings, Engorgement Leather Strap
  •        Dr. Kaplan’s Pump Guide, PumpSmart™ App, 1-Year Warranty
Dr Kaplan Manual Penis Pump

Our Recommendations

Soma Therapy OTC – Manual System

$249.95 CAD


$319.95 CAD

Dr Kaplan Manual Penis Pump

Dr. Kaplan – Manual System

$229.95 CAD

Dr Kaplan Electric Penis Pump

Dr. Kaplan - Electric System

$399.95 CAD

Any Questions? We Have Answers

There are three types of men in general that have interest in using a penis pump – men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, men who want to use the device to get a bigger penis, and men who need penile rehabilitation. Penis pumps, also called negative pressure or vacuum erection devices, are readily available online and through the medical community. There are a lot of ads for these devices that make all kinds of claims. Many manufacturers and distributors promise harder, longer-lasting erections and exceptionally satisfied sexual partners. What does a penis pump do? Does it increase penis size? Do penis pumps work? Can they solve erection problems? Let’s find out what the scientific evidence shows.

Yes, penis pumps really work, but the success of the device depends on two factors. First, the user’s expectations and goals, and second, if the user is willing to spend some time learning how to use a penis pump properly.

To understand this better, let’s first answer the question: What is the purpose of a penis pump? This is a suction device that draws blood into the penis and makes it fully erect. So it is intended for penis hardness and strong erection for up to 30 minutes. Relatively simple process. The system is applied to the penis, the pumping mechanism is activated, and once an erection is achieved, a tension ring is placed at the base of the penis to maintain the erection. In this way, the penis pump mechanically simulates a natural erection. The whole process only takes 2-3 minutes.

Do penis pumps really work? It depends. If the user expects a longer, thicker penis and better intercourse almost immediately, the device will almost certainly disappoint. On the other hand, if the user wants a strong and sustainable erection and is willing to practice using a penis pump several times before sexual intimacy, the results are likely to be excellent. So how does a penis pump work for penis enlargement, erectile dysfunction, and penis rehabilitation after prostate surgery? Keep reading to find out more.

For many men, penis enlargement is a source of great passion. On average, more than 60,000 searches are performed on the Internet every month using the term “penis enlargement”. This interest may be driven by the belief that penis size is associated with sexual partner satisfaction. This could be a cultural assumption that masculinity and masculinity can be measured by the size of a man’s penis. Advertisements for penis enlargement or enlargement pumps are everywhere. However, the only proven procedure for enlarging the size of the penis is surgical. Even surgical operations are questionable.

Do penis pumps work for penis enlargement? The answer is no. It is a myth. There is very little scientific evidence to support claims that anything less than surgery can increase the size of a man’s penis. And cosmetic penile enlargement surgery is not approved by any reputable doctor or medical organization. Using a penis pump does not provide any real benefit in terms of increasing penis size beyond natural limits. The only scientific application for enlarging the penis with a penile pump has to do with maintaining penile length after radical prostatectomy or prostate removal. These results are investigative and should not be construed as a medical statement.

What does a penis pump do to make some men believe it can make their penis longer? These devices draw blood into the organ, making it upright and enlarged for a while. If you did not have a full erection or only had a partial erection before using your penis pump, this may affect your perception. Correct use of a medical grade penile pump will usually result in complete engorgement of the penis. Men using the device often report that their erections are harder and larger than before using the device. Although it is not uncommon for men to claim to experience an erection equivalent to that of their 20s or 30s, scientific research does not support this.

More than 600,000 men are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED) in the United States each year. The condition, also known as erectile dysfunction or impotence, can be caused by several factors, including poor physical and mental health, but the most closely related variable is age. It is estimated that approximately 40 percent of men in their 40s suffer from erectile dysfunction. The incidence of the disease is increasing in older age groups. They affect about 70 percent of men over 70 years of age.

In most men, the main cause of erectile dysfunction is associated with decreased blood flow to the penis. Consequently, several diseases that affect the cardiovascular system can lead to the development of ED, including diabetes and heart disease. Other conditions that can cause erection problems include prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. What do penis pumps do to solve this problem?

A penis pump is a vacuum erection device (VED). It consists of a transparent cylinder, a negative pressure device (pressure head) and tensioning systems (clamping ring). The cylinder is placed on the penis and air is pumped out of the cylinder manually or using a battery-powered pump. What does a penis pump do? It creates a vacuum around the penis with an airtight seal at the base. Negative pressure causes blood to flow into the organ. Blood fills two chambers called the corpora cavernosa, causing the penis to expand and become erect. A narrowing (tension) ring is then placed at the base of the penis to prevent blood from flowing out and maintain an erection.

In healthy men, sexual arousal stimulates nerve impulses that cause relaxation of erectile tissues called the corpora cavernosa and blood flow to the penis. In men with erection problems, penile pumps replicate this process by mechanically drawing blood into the organ and causing it to expand. By drawing blood flow into the penis, the vacuum constrictor devices immediately induce an erection.

There are several treatment options available for men with erectile dysfunction. Some of them involve drugs, chemicals, or surgery. But there are also less invasive alternatives. The erectile dysfunction penis pump is a device that mimics the body’s natural erection mechanism. How does a penis pump work? Is it easy to use? Is it effective?

External vacuum erection devices have become readily available to consumers because the Food and Drug Administration no longer requires a doctor’s prescription for a penis pump. Initially, when the device was introduced in 1982, a prescription was required. The prescription requirements were dropped in 1997 when the Food and Drug Administration classified a prescription penis pump as safe and highly effective.

Although prescriptions are no longer required, safety and quality issues are handled according to FDA guidelines and are monitored by FDA inspectors. The medical device meets high manufacturing standards. Non-medical pumps may not function properly. It may also pose a health risk to users of these products.

Men use erectile dysfunction pumps to avoid health risks or invasive procedures. Some of the benefits of using a penis pump may also include:

It is a non-surgical treatment and has fewer health risks compared to other treatments.

Oral medications such as Viagra or Cialis may not be an alternative for men who take medications for high blood pressure, for example. Men with diabetes, prostate cancer survivors, or those taking medication for high blood pressure may use vacuum erection devices every day as the only effective treatment for ED, depending on their health condition.

Penile injections can leave scar tissue on the penis and cause side effects such as penile curvature, known as Peyronie’s disease.

Surgical penile implants are the most invasive treatment option. Surgical implants are effective, but an external penis pump is often recommended as a first-line treatment.

Shockwave therapy for ED is another popular new treatment for stimulating the blood vessels in the shaft of the penis.

Penis pumps offer better cost-benefit when compared to other treatment options:

Surgical penile implants often cost $15,000 or more for a complex surgical procedure. Shockwave therapy requires multiple office procedures and can cost several thousand dollars. None of these treatments have been proven to be as cost-effective when compared to a medical penis pump.

The device may be recommended for penile rehabilitation:

It is now recognized that penis exercise has various health and sex life benefits, and urologists may recommend medical penis pumps for them. Exercise sessions, called penile rehabilitation, following prostate cancer procedures are considered effective ways to prevent penile shortening, penile shrinkage, and tissue atrophy.

Penis pumps may be used combined with other ED treatments:

Most other treatments for erectile dysfunction can be improved by incorporating a penis pump to maintain an erection or increase fullness of the erection for sexual intercourse. Shockwave therapy combined with vacuum therapy is an effective combination for treating ED.

A penis pump is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence. Men with this condition are consistently unable to achieve an erection that is firm enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. How does a penis pump work in this situation? In healthy men, sexual arousal triggers a chain of events that ultimately leads to an erection as blood fills the penis. The vacuum erection device draws blood into the penis with negative pressure and reproduces a natural erection. This device is well suited for men who have erection problems for a variety of reasons including nerve damage, circulatory issues, and psychological issues.

Medical research has found compelling evidence that penis pumps are effective in treating erectile dysfunction. In fact, these devices can work in synergy with drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Clinical evidence suggests that external vacuum devices are safe, well tolerated, and effective for erectile dysfunction. There are reports of over 90% satisfaction with penis pumps, both in terms of partner satisfaction and the quality of the erection (length, girth and firmness). Vacuum constriction devices are recommended as a first-line treatment for men who cannot use or tolerate ED drug therapy. In fact, penis pumps are preferred over Viagra by a significant number of men due to the side effects of the drugs.

Practice and patience are two things that are essential to the success of penis pumps for erectile dysfunction. Just like cycling is easy once you’ve learned how to use a penis pump – it’s a simple three-step process with a little practice. However, if you are impatient and expect immediate results, it can lead to dissatisfaction in the bedroom. Research shows that penis pumps work for impotence. Over 85% of men get a full erection on their first session. Most men only need a week of practice with the device. However, if normal erectile function has been absent for a while, it may take time for the penis to recover to cope with the blood flow. Using a penis pump once a day for several weeks should help.

Men with healthy erectile function have 3 to 5 nighttime erections every day during REM sleep. This nocturnal swelling of the penis delivers oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to the flaccid (soft) penis and prevents tissue atrophy. Without this natural blood flow to the penis during regular erections, there is a risk of tissue damage and penile shrinkage. The purpose of the penile pump in penile rehabilitation is to supply blood and oxygen to the tissues of the penis and to stretch and support the blood vessels to keep them healthy.

Several studies have shown that the continued use of vacuum systems is beneficial for penile rehabilitation after radical prostatectomy. After this type of surgery, there is a significant decrease in erectile function. Patients report that the targeted use of a penile pump helps achieve a successful erection. Rehabilitation of the penile pump is achieved by increasing arterial blood flow and preventing hypoxia, fibrosis, and cell death.

In addition to postoperative use, research has shown that a vacuum erection a month before the procedure can be beneficial. The use of VED before implantation of a penile prosthesis significantly increases the length of the stretched penis in a flaccid state. Preoperative use of a penile pump is associated with a smoother and easier surgical procedure due to improved tissue health and better dilation of the corpora cavernosa.

Now that you know that penis pumps really work, here are some quick tips for choosing the best vacuum erection device:

The FDA has approved a penile pump for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Are you buying a device for the right reasons? Penis pumps are effective for erectile dysfunction and penile rehabilitation, but they do not increase the size or length of the penis.

Do you have realistic expectations for a penis pump? Good results come with practice. Be prepared to spend some time learning how to use the device before using it during sex. For the restoration of the penis after surgery, constant use is the key.

Medical penis pump? Are all penis pumps safe? Yes, if they are made by a reputable company. Manufacturers of medical penis pumps must meet certain design and quality standards and pass FDA inspections. If the manufacturer of the VED is not registered with the FDA, this is a red flag because the device may not meet minimum standards. A non-medical penis pump can be a waste of money and even cause damage.

You have decided to buy a penis pump and now you need to decide which type of device is right for you. What is the difference between penis water pump and air pump? How can an electric penis pump be useful compared to a manual penis pump? Why do some of these products seem expensive and others cheap?

Penis Water Pump: Penis water pumps are not considered medical devices that comply with FDA guidelines as penis erection devices. Penis water pumps use water, not air. Since they are intended for use in water, they are more suitable for use in the bath or shower than in the bedroom. They are not usually used to create an erection during intercourse.

Manual penis pump: The manual penis pump uses a manual pumping device connected to a cylinder. The most common VED are manual penis pumps.

Electric Penis Pump: Electric penis pumps are a very common option. These devices are very effective for men with arthritis or any problem that interferes with using their hands. Preference can also be a factor in choosing an electric pump over a hand pump. Otherwise, there is no real difference in the efficiency of an electric penis pump.

FDA registered products that meet quality and design standards are more effective and often have a higher price tag.

The effectiveness of a penis pump depends on your choice of device and your initial willingness to experiment with optional accessories.

Several cylinder sizes are available to accommodate natural differences in penis size. Determine if different cylinder sizes are available for the device in question.

Pulling systems, also known as constriction devices, are essential to maintain a fully formed erection. Various designs, materials and sizes of latching rings are important to provide the best combination of comfort and tension while maintaining an erection.

Also, beware of any male enhancement product that contains misleading statements. Penis enlargement is a statement that is often used out of context. A vacuum erection device that creates an erection enlarges the penis from flaccid to erect. This is a reasonable expectation. No device has been approved by the FDA to increase erection beyond its natural state. These types of claims are not supported by FDA-approved clinical studies. Products labeled this way are most likely novelties or non-medical sex toys that can cause physical harm due to over-inflation.

Before making a purchasing decision, explore the variety of devices and types of accessories.

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