Best Penis Pump For ED and A Better Erection

best penis pump for a better erection

Best Penis Pump For ED and A Better Erection

Yes, penis pumps can provide you with harder and larger erections in a matter of minutes. They temporarily increase blood flow to your genitals, making it easier to sustain an erection during sex. The devices also provide a cost-effective alternative to ED medication if you struggle with erectile dysfunction.

Note, these devices were not designed to increase penis size. You will see many “penis pumps” on porn site claiming it will make your penis bigger.  Be wary of these claims.   Penis pumps for erectile dysfunction are medical grade devices, also known as vacuum constrictive device (VCD).  They cost more and are made specifically as a therapy for erectile dysfunction.

A VCD when used properly will help you get and maintain an erection.  Once an erection is achieved, a constrictive band is left around the penis during intercourse.  The band can be left in place for up to 30 minutes.

Below are our recommended best penis pump for erectile dysfunction and better erection.

Medical Grade Best Penis Pump – Soma Therapy OTC Manual System

The Soma Therapy OTC Manual System pump by Augusta is designed with the same medical grade technology as the prescription systems. Easy to use, manual operation vacuum erection device. Note: This device comes with Standard Cylinder: 2.25in x 8in. If you need different size cylinder, you may purchase on our replacement parts page.

This model is tops in the price field, it requires no prescription. The warranty covers the unit for a full year. But that will never be needed as this high quality pump is built to last.


  • Easy to use Negative Pressure Device
  • Cylinder Size Included: 8″ long / 2.25″ diameter
  • Negative Pressure Chamber
  • 2 Sizing Adapters
  • 5 Comfortable Tension Systems
  • SomaTherapy-ED Lubricant
  • Discreet Carrying Case
  • Registration Card
  • Comprehensive patient instruction manual


  • (OTC) Over the Counter
  • No prescription required 1 Year Warranty: Note: You must register the product to Augusta Medical Systems within 30 days in order to activate the warranty.

Medical Grade Best Penis Pump – SOMAerectStf

The SomaTherapy-ED SOMAerect Stf offers 3 cylinder sizing options so you can precisely find the anatomically correct sizing option that neatly fits your fully rigid penis size. The custom sizing technology was developed to ensure that each patient receives the highest level of comfort when treating their ED. The custom sizing will prevent the loose non-penile tissue from around the base of the penis (supra-pubic fat or scrotal skin) from being drawn into the mouth of the cylinder during the creation of an erection. The use of the customizable system guarantees a much more comfortable and erection experience every time.

In addition to the three cylinders to assure proper fit, this product also includes:

  • Manual Negative Pressure Device
  • Carrying Case
  • Tube of SomaTherapy-ED Lubricant
  • An assortment of Tensions Systems
  • Tension System Loading Cone
  • Cylinder Sizing Inserts
  • Training Manual and a DVD


  • Augusta SomaerectStf guarantees a much more comfortable erection experience every time.
  • Prevent the loose non-penile tissue from around the base of the penis from being drawn into the mouth of the cylinder during the creation of an erection.


  • SomaerectStf negative pressure device
  • 3 differant circumferential negative pressure cylinders
  • 15 Tension systems
  • 2 Comfort inserts
  • Soma Therapy-ED lubricant
  • Discreet travel case
  • Patient education and training guide
  • Instructional DVD

Why buy Dr. Kaplan – Best Penis Pump?

Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Male Enlargement Pump is the most effective way to enhance your erection.

Achieve & Maintain Erection for Sex
Increase Erection Size & Quality
Prevent Penile Shrinkage Due to Age
Reverse Penile Atrophy
PumpSmart™ Erection Fitness App Included
Included with purchase:

Pump with Safety Gauge, Erection Cylinder (2.00” Opening Diameter)
Silicone Erection Rings, Engorgement Leather Strap
Dr. Kaplan’s Pump Guide, PumpSmart™ App, 1-Year Warranty

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Best Penis Pump For ED and A Better Erection
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